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Important: Dear Customers, Please note that due to the sale of various products under the name of Noorsazan in various stores, in order to ensure the purchase of the main products of Noorsazan companies, only purchase from the representative offices listed on the site and with a panel and an official certificate of attorney.

Varied platingNoorsazan

In order to cover all the tastes and strata of the society, the products of Noorsazan are produced in a variety of plasters and designs. All electroplated parts are covered with fusible veneer or electrophoretic furnace, which can be durable

License plate and exclusive chain Noorsazan

Due to the valuable position of the Noorsazan industry among the dear customers, some advertise on the sites and offer their products with similar titles to Noorsazan designers. So please pay attention to the exclusive license plate, pod, the desire of the Rosettes and the scarlet crochet called Noorsazan on the chandelier. .

warranty Noorsazan

Noorsazan as the leading company in the chandelier industry and with the motto of protecting consumer rights guarantees all bronze products for between 5 and 10 years


Stages of chandelier production

  • Final packing and posting
  • QC
  • Assembly
  • Product manufacturing
  • Product analysis

After QC, the product is shipped to the warehouse for final packaging.then shipped to all parts of the country after packing and ensuring the health of the package.

At this stage, the prepared product , will be checked by quality control observers to ensure that all required standards are met.

This stage of the product from the plating section for the final assembly into the warehouse part is made and assembled.

At this stage, the chandelier is imported into production and produced, which includes the following steps:




Plating and varnishing

At this stage, the production manager, the parts of the product intended for fractionation and collection by supplying the piece to the warehouse of raw materials

Executive Projects

Noorsazan industrial complex with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing large chandeliers in mosque hall and ... is ready to cooperate with all organizations .

Design and advice

Give us a variety of design and advice in the field of making large and special chandeliers

Manufacturing of bronze parts

Noorsazan Industrial Complex is leading the production of casting, forging and die casting parts

Quality of parts

The industrial complex of Noorsazan is manufactured with the best quality and according to the last modern methods in the world with advanced devices


Mr. Jafar Shah Galdi
Noorsazan Industrial Complex Management

The aim of Noorsazan industrial complex

Our purpose is to obtain consumer satisfaction and build confidence in domestic production

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large chandelier design
Consulting in design and decoration
10 year warranty products

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