Noorsazan officially started its work in the year 1991 with the name of NoorRizan, it specializes in selling chandeliers and other sorts of lighting. In the year 

1381, with the belief of starting a completely new change in the industry of chandeliers, different to all other firms in industry, it changed its name from

NoorRizan to Noorsazan. The result of this belief caused an early change in industry, and it was also a major stepping stone for Noorsazan to become one of

The top firms in the industry.

While not only providing these services, Noorsazan aims to please all customers with its motto “Lets product the best” so that our customers are fully pleased

With our services .we try our best to be the most experienced and successful firm in the industry, and with innovation, we will take a step forward to the Future.
The 2nd part of Noorsazan is a production system which helps local and foreign manufacturers of chandelier .This production system includes forged,

Milling and die-cast which has been active since 2010 under the name “Lotus””…